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Americans vs. Bruins

Game #90
Wednesday February 26th, 2020 @ 10:15PM

FINAL: AME(5) – BRU(5)

Scoring Summary
1st Period
03:28BRUDaniel Levasseur ASST: Anthony Sciortino (REP) and Marcel Martin1 - 0 BRU
2nd Period
00:25BRUChristian Bassila ASST: Marcel Martin and Anthony Sciortino (REP)2 - 0 BRU
03:05BRUChristian Bassila ASST: Marcel Martin and Anthony Sciortino (REP)3 - 0 BRU
08:15BRUMarcel Martin ASST: Christian Bassila and David Cloutier4 - 0 BRU
09:40AMEMark Lutfy ASST: Alex Antonatos and Paulo Leiriao4 - 1 BRU
11:11AMEFrederic Levesque ASST: Luigi Caruso and Paul Rivest4 - 2 BRU
3rd Period
00:19AMEJoe Kessler ASST: Waleed Zakem (REP) and Alex Antonatos4 - 3 BRU
02:29AMEFrederic Levesque ASST: Luigi Caruso and Christian Beausejour (REP)4 - 4
08:39BRUChristian Bassila ASST: Marcel Martin and Daniel Levasseur5 - 4 BRU
12:12AMELuigi Caruso ASST: Joe Kessler and Frederic Levesque5 - 5
Penalty Summary
1st Period
2nd Period
3rd Period
10:20AMEStephane Gravel2 min
10:20BRUDavid Cloutier2 min
Americans Summary
7Alex Antonatos 02200000
10Christian Beausejour (REP) 01100000
19Frederic Levesque 21300000
5Joe KesslerSub11200000
16Luigi Caruso 12300000
11Mark Lutfy 10100000
30Michael Gathercole 00000000
9Paul Rivest 01100000
12Paulo Leiriao 01100000
6Stephane GravelSub00020000
17Waleed Zakem (REP)Sub01100000
30Michael Gathercole 5 
Bruins Summary
15Anthony Sciortino (REP) 03300000
17Billy Freedin 00000000
12Christian Bassila 31400000
18Daniel Levasseur 11200000
6David Cloutier 01120000
4Louis Dumont 00000000
10Luc Ouellet 00000000
16Marcel Martin 14500000
7Nicholas Oosterwaal-Gagnon 00000000
11Richard Cook 00000000
1Sebastien LefebvreSub00000000
1Sebastien LefebvreSub5