League Rules

Rules of Play

The league follows the rules of play set out by CARHA Hockey, subject to the modifications listed below.

For a full list of the rules of play, please consult the official CARHA Rule Book (2019 edition).

EHL Modifications to the CARHA Rule Book

Rule 16 (h)Eliminated
Rule 18 (a)Eliminated
Rule 24 (b)Eliminated
Rule 24 (d)Must wear full shield and neck guard.
Rule 30 (a)Major penalties for intent to injure result in ejection. Slashing or other dangerous stick work whether accidental or not will result in a Major (5 minute) penalty. Player must remain in penalty box regardless if opposing team scores a goal(s).
Rule 32 (a)Bench minors are not counted towards the six (6) minute ejection total.
Rule 39 (a)After a penalty, face-off in the defending zone of the team which took the penalty.
Rule 40 (a)There shall be two referees and one timekeeper.
Rule 41 (k)CARHA crest is not mandatory on Referee uniforms.
Rule 44 (b)Eliminated
Rule 45 (c)Eliminated
Rule 59 (b)Eliminated
Rule 60 (d)Redirecting of the puck with the skate (without a kicking motion) is considered a good goal.
Rule 62 (b)Accidental high stick is eliminated.
Rule 62 (d)No minor penalty assessed to the offending player.
Rule 68No penalty assessed, stoppage of play.
Rule 84 (a)Sunday games consist of 3 periods of 15 minutes, Wednesday games 3 periods of 13 minutes each.
Rule 84 (b)Eliminated
Rule 84 (c)Change sides after each period.
Rule 84 (d)Eliminated
Rule 84 (f)Eliminated
Rule 85 (c)Players serving a penalty are not allowed to participate in the shootout.
Rule 86 (a)The note has been eliminated.
Rule 86 (b)The note has been eliminated.