League Organization

The Executive League's mission is to encourage Town of Mount Royal residents, 35 years and over, to participate in an ice hockey league. The Executive League offers its members a moment of relaxation in a friendly and competitive atmosphere.

Some information about the league:

  • 5 teams consisting of 11 players in each: 6 forwards, 4 defensemen, and 1 goalie.
  • 2 games every Sunday at 20h00 and at 21h30, and 2 games every Wednesday at 21h00 and at 22h15.
  • Players are obliged to participate in at least 75% of the total number of games, otherwise they will face expulsion from the League.
  • Players must wear hockey equipment, which conforms to provincial laws and City regulations, those being a complete face visor/grill and a neck protector.
  • Referees must be respected, and good sportsmanship must be practiced at all times. Foul language will not be accepted.
  • Slap shots are not permitted, no physical contacts.
  • Any fighting, or any attempt to fight is strictly forbidden. Players who initiate or attempt to initiate such behaviour will face immediate expulsion from the game/League.
  • Registration fee: $775 for residents or $1,000 for non-residents, which includes a $100 deposit for a hockey jersey.

For more information about joining the league, please visit the New Players page.


Billy Freedin

Responsible for all league operations.
Responsible for relations with the T.M.R. sports services department.
Responsible for banking and accounting.

Marc-André Pinel

Responsible for equality between teams and member evaluation.

Christian Beauséjour

Responsible for player registration, waiting list, preseason and member evaluation.

John Litwiller

Responsible for rules and regulations.

Anthony Sciortino

Responsible for special events and communications.

Committee Members

Paulo Leiriao

Responsible for awards and annual meeting.

Player Safety
Max Maislin

Responsible for supplementary discipline, officiating and scorekeepers.