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Millionaires vs. Bruins

Game #73
Sunday January 26th, 2020 @ 8:00PM

FINAL: MIL(4) – BRU(7)

Scoring Summary
1st Period
02:18MILTom Wilson (REP) ASST: Marc-Andre Pinel and Stephane Gravel1 - 0 MIL
12:47BRUChristian Bassila ASST: Anthony Sciortino (REP) and Marcel Martin1 - 1
14:12MILMarc-Andre Pinel ASST: Marc Malouf and Tom Wilson (REP)2 - 1 MIL
2nd Period
01:20BRUChristian Bassila ASST: Billy Freedin and Nicholas Oosterwaal-Gagnon2 - 2
08:07BRUChristian Bassila ASST: David Cloutier and Anthony Sciortino (REP)3 - 2 BRU
10:38BRURenaud Tilquin ASST: Nicholas Oosterwaal-Gagnon and Billy Freedin4 - 2 BRU
11:01BRUMarcel Martin ASST: Christian Bassila and David Cloutier5 - 2 BRU
3rd Period
03:55BRURenaud Tilquin ASST: Billy Freedin and David Cloutier6 - 2 BRU
07:05BRUChristian Bassila ASST: Daniel Levasseur and Anthony Sciortino (REP)7 - 2 BRU
11:01MILRobert David ASST: Marc-Andre Pinel and Angelo Mylonakis7 - 3 BRU
12:34MILTom Wilson (REP) ASST: Marc Malouf7 - 4 BRU
Penalty Summary
1st Period
2nd Period
07:53MILStephane Gravel2 min
3rd Period
Millionaires Summary
9Angelo Mylonakis 01100000
5Christian Charbonneau 00000000
11Hugo HouleSub00000000
16Marc Malouf 02200000
4Marc-Andre Pinel 12300000
6Nicholas BeauchampSub00000000
30Pierre Puthod 00000000
10Robert David 10100000
15Stephane Gravel 01120000
7Thomas Assimes 00000000
12Tom Wilson (REP) 21300000
30Pierre Puthod 7 
Bruins Summary
15Anthony Sciortino (REP) 03300000
17Billy Freedin 03300000
12Christian Bassila 41500000
18Daniel Levasseur 01100000
6David Cloutier 03300000
16Marcel Martin 11200000
7Nicholas Oosterwaal-Gagnon 02200000
5Paulo LeiriaoSub00000000
30Philip DurocherSub00000000
9Renaud TilquinSub20200000
3Steve GersonovitchSub00000000
30Philip DurocherSub4