« DAWSON » Trophy


The « DAWSON » trophy, donated by Mayor Dawson, has been awarded since the first season of the league in 1973-1974.

The trophy is awarded each season to the playoff champions.

Mayor Reginald Dawson

Reginald Dawson
Eight Mayor of TMR

On October 12, 1951, at the age of 44, Mr. Reginald Dawson was elected Mayor of Town of Mount Royal, making him the eight mayor of the Town which was founded in 1912. Before retiring in 1987, Mayor Dawson was reelected 10 times, 9 of them being by acclamation. He made history being the longest Mayor in office in Canada.

2022-2023StarsTelly Loukas
2021-2022MillionairesStephane Gravel
2020-2021Not Awarded (COVID-19)
2019-2020Not Awarded (COVID-19)
2018-2019AmericansLuigi Caruso
2017-2018RoyalsMax Maislin
2016-2017AmericansLuigi Caruso
2015-2016AmericansLuigi Caruso
2014-2015RoyalsMax Maislin
2013-2014MillionairesSimon Lapierre
2012-2013SenatorsTakao Shibata
2011-2012RoyalsMax Maislin
2010-2011SenatorsTakao Shibata
2009-2010SenatorsTakao Shibata
2008-2009SenatorsTakao Shibata
2007-2008RoyalsMax Maislin
2006-2007RoyalsMax Maislin
2005-2006AmericansPaul Rivest
2004-2005BruinsPeter Malouf
2003-2004RoyalsMax Maislin
2002-2003SenatorsTakao Shibata
2001-2002RoyalsMax Maislin
2000-2001SenatorsTakao Shibata
1999-2000SenatorsTakao Shibata
1998-1999MillionairesMarcel Boyer
1997-1998MillionairesMarcel Boyer
1996-1997RoyalsMax Maislin
1995-1996BruinsPaul Salhany
1994-1995BruinsPaul Salhany
1993-1994SenatorsPeter Gross
1992-1993MillionairesMarcel Boyer
1991-1992BruinsPaul Salhany
1990-1991BruinsPaul Salhany
1989-1990BruinsPaul Salhany
1988-1989SenatorsPeter Gross
1987-1988CapitalsGary Fabian
1986-1987AmericansChuck Fishman
1985-1986AmericansChuck Fishman
1984-1985AmericansChuck Fishman
1983-1984MillionnairesMarcel Boyer
1982-1983NordiquesJohn Lesaux
1981-1982NordiquesJohn Lesaux
1980-1981SenatorsMel Shore
1979-1980CapitalsLarry Stein
1978-1979NordiquesJohn Lesaux
1977-1978AmericansWarren Dick
1976-1977MaroonsLen Pinsky
1975-1976MaroonsJim Twizell
1974-1975SenatorsJohn MacDonald
1973-1974SenatorsLew Greenberg